LushLash™ Eyelash Serum contains ground breaking Stem Cell Technology


Meskinlabs scientists formulated Lush Lash with a optimized balance of fibroblasts and mesenchymal cells, and contains over 542 measurable proteins, peptides and growth factors – more than any other stem cellextract available.  More active ingredients than any other eyelash serum on the market!
Lush Lash is proud to use a stem cell extract with a combination of Fibroblasts and Mesenchymal Stem Cells in our Stem Cell Conditioned Media. Our Lush lash formula targets thinning lashes and eye brows.
We combine Human Stem Cell Growth Factors, and the compounds Redensyl®, Capixyl®, and Sympeptide® along with the most innovative peptide ingredients in the Industry, to bring you a formula that helps nourish the skin and follicles, for thicker more beautiful looking lashes and brows.
No color change in iris. No severe or adverse side reactions reported.
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!
Get the eyelashes you've been dreaming of. NO MORE FAKE EYELASHES.
MeSkinLabs is revolutionizing eyelashes. Our carefully formulated LushLash serum features a superior balance of growth factors and proteins to stimulate cell regeneration, collagen and elastin production for longer, stronger and fuller eyelashes.