Night Time Skine Care Routine

Night Time Skine Care Routine

  • 05 Jul 2017
  • Mark Forster

Night skin routine is the most important chore after a long day out! This night routine is easy and gives amazing results for brighter skin, long lashes, and takes care of any skin problems you might have. Sometimes all it takes just taking off your makeup and being consistent with deep cleaning your pores in order to not get any pimples or acne. This night routine will also help with any blackhead problems you might have. Even if you don’t wear makeup, its always recommended to take care of your face such as using cleansers, face creams, and etc. It helps with aging and any future skin problems.

First, gently take off your makeup with facial wipes. I recommend YES to grapefruit facial wipes because I love the fresh grapefruit smell and honestly they help me the best with taking my makeup off.

Second and third go together, apply a little bit of cleanser on a wet face to take off any left over makeup that didn’t come off with the facial wipes. Plus its great time to wash your face with a cleanser that fights acne like Oil-Free Acne Wash by Neutrogena. After applying the cleanser with your hands, use a face brush. I use a face brush to make sure I get all of the dirt( (makeup) out of any pores. And the feeling after it, AMAZING! Just like getting a facial. Although, I believe that I don’t have a lot of acne or breakouts because I use cleansers for acne so if I have a small pimple, it goes away after I use this.

Fourth, apply a little bit of face cream. My favorite is by Fresh, Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. Hydrating your face after a long day of wearing make up is a MUST! Even if you don’t wear makeup, who likes dry skin? Face creams usually have vitamins and help out with keeping your skin fresh and youthful.

Fifth, hydrate your lips with chapstick! EOS does wonders with my chappy lips. They come in these cute containers that are too cute for you to miss this step.

And the last and my FAVORITE step six! Applying Lush Lash eyelash serum on my lash lines. Wearing mascara, falsies, and even curling your lashes, can REALLY damage your lashes. MEskinlabs Lush Lash not only has amazing vitamins and oils but also human stem cells. It really gives amazing results after 10 days of proper use. It will nourish and grow your natural lashes. You WILL want to forget about wearing falsies! And you only have to do it ones a day before bed.

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